Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

This comes from, Rami Wehbi, DO, a resident and podcaster who is a soon-to-be DPC doc:

I wanted to introduce everyone to a service that might be helpful for your practice. I just partnered with Podium for my podcast at if anyone is interested. It’s an excellent tool to have for your business. It’s basically a text messaging service that helps with lead generation, getting reviews for your practice ( Makes it easy for your older patients who aren’t great with technology to write you a review because all they have to do is text it to you). You can also use it to collect payments and a number of other things. You get a business number and a portal. Honestly probably one of the best additions we have made to our podcast in terms of lead generation. Basically wanted to share this because if you have a DPC practice this will be helpful and also as a partner we benefit by getting people to sign up for free (for transparency’s sake). No catch here. There’s a free and a paid version but right now we’re just utilizing the free version and it works great for us! Here’s the link to sign-up!

Feel free to check out Podium. DPC News has no financial interest in Podium though we always reserve the right to take advertising from appropriate companies (somebody has to pay for this thing).

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