Wed. Aug 4th, 2021

Our Mission

We have been around the Direct Primary Care world for a long, long time. Our first book came out because there were NO good books on how to start a DPC practice. We sold our practice in October of 2020 when Dr. Farrago retired but we are still very much in touch the DPC universe.

There are great resources out there, finally, but no great aggregator or repository of news items related to DPC. Facebook has its benefits but those posts get washed downstream so quickly that hardly anyone gets to benefit. That is where DPC News comes in. Using our experience in the field, we will pick and choose the best DPC News items and keep them here in one place so you can visit and read them at your own leisure each day……like a newspaper.

So, enjoy and please click on our advertisers who will be paying for this. They are all DPC centric and should be worthy of your time as well. If you have an issue with any of the advertisers then please contact us.