Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

One way to optimize SEO is to get backlinks. Remember, we are all in this together. Getting your name out there by another party who hyperlinks to your practice is a critical strategy. We don’t just have a list of links we put on the site but we do try to hyperlink to anyone mentioned in a story. So how do you get mentioned?

Here are some things we want to publish on DPC News:

  • An announcement that you are opening your new practice
  • How about just highlighting your DPC practice in general (try to have an angle where you do something different, how you have changed since you started, new procedures added, new doctors added, etc).
  • A cool conference or event that we can put on the calendar
  • A personalized DPC startup story that you want to share
  • A cool practice tip 
  • Some inspiration to motivate others 
  • Your thoughts on DPC in general
  • Do a DPC in 3
  • Video snippets showing your office, a new procedure, or a great story 

What’s in it for you? Well, again, publicity. The more links to your practice or yourself the more it becomes searchable on Google, etc. (SEO Optimization). Most DPC practices and doctors need this. 

We are open to ALL your thoughts. You can send this submission button or just email us: support at

This is for doctor-owned DPC practices only. We do not print pure marketing material for your company. Other than that, we will read what you sent and get back to you.

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