Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

Office Products

The following are products you can get from Amazon for your Direct Primary Care Office. These are things we bought for our practice, recommendations from other DPC doctors, or popular items that are being purchased. We’ll keep adding as time goes on but please send us your recommendations or feedback for these products (good or bad). Remember to always check for local offices closing down, FB docs offering to sell things, or even Ebay.

These are products that have been recommended on the two DPC Facebook Groups. We scoured them and put them here. Added to this are some items that were recommended by DPC doctors by other communications.


Techni Mobili Sit-to-Stand Mobile Medical Laptop Computer Cart, Black

We humans shouldn’t be sitting so much during the day. I got this to put in my office and then eventually my wife took it to stand and work. I was able to get another item to put on my desk so I would stand. This thing rolls and is very sturdy. It is highly recommended. It seem to be on sale right now.


Below are ALL the items we purchased from Amazon for Forest Direct Primary Care for our office. This started in 2014 and went up until I retired and the new doctor took over. Some of these items seem trivial but we actually spent time on the little things.