Mon. Sep 27th, 2021 recently published an article by Sara Davison, the founder of Kinly, a parenting platform serving the Raleigh, NC area, announcing the opening of HopeWell Pediatrics. HopeWell Pediatrics is a new DPC concierge-style practice that offers care for babies and children in the Raleigh, NC area.

Dr. Tiffany Petty, the founder of HopeWell, began her career at the Northeast Mississippi Medical Center, serving as the first pediatrician in the area in over ten years helping to establish a new pediatric practice in the area to help undersized children. She then cared for children in a busy practice in Sanford, NC before opening HopeWell.

Dr. Petty started HopeWell Pediatrics because she was determined to practice medicine the right way by giving patients the quality medical care and time they deserve. She did not like the “one size fits all” traditional medical model which led to rushed visits and impersonal care. After years of practicing pediatric medicine, Dr. Petty returned to her “why”. Dr. Petty’s passion lies within helping sick children in need and developing relationships with families that would help foster thriving health for her patients. Her “why” also revolves around giving children hope and encouraging them to dream their greatest dreams. In HopeWell Pediatrics, Dr. Petty’s “why” has been fulfilled.

Dr. Petty is married to Dr. Benjamin Petty, a Sports Medicine physician, and she is the mother to sons named Shiloh and Micah. Tiffany enjoys spending time her family, reading devotionals, watching HGTV, antiquing and thrifting.

HopeWell Pediatric shows that DPC is not just for family practice.

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