Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

Dr. Nicki Ames has opened Ames DPC in Bryant, Arkansas. Dr. Ames was born and raised in Arkansas. She practiced in Little Rock before moving to Bryant, where she has called home since 2015. Nicki is married with two sons. She loves to travel and supports the Razorbacks. She will operate Ames DPC with one other employee, her medical assistant Amberley Teague. Amberley worked with Dr. Ames for many years before joining her in DPC.

When Dr. Ames reflects upon why she started Ames DPC, this is what stands out:

I started reading about DPC years ago – so why did it take so long to make the leap. I was scared. Scared that patients would not understand and see the value that DPC offers. I was afraid of failure. But a conversation I had with a previous boss is one of the many things that kept pushing me on and leading me to this decision – they said that to be successful I needed to be less thorough with each patients’ visit, that I needed to make patients come back and discuss separate issues in separate visits – address the main thing and put the others on hold. This idea has never set well with me. Our lives outside of the doctors can’t just be put on hold so neither should the healthcare you get from the doctor.

I know that opening my own clinic is a risk, both professionally and for my family. I am really hoping patients will continue to trust me with their healthcare and see how much more DPC can offer than traditional family medicine

Congratulations to Dr. Ames for taking the leap into DPC. Keep us posted on your progress.

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