Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

The Opelika Observer out of Alabama recently announced the opening of Auburn Direct Primary. Throughout grueling shifts at the urgent care, heightened by the challenges of the pandemic, Dr. Kyle Adams, realized that people were not getting the healthcare they needed.

Whether it was due to loss of health insurance, primary care providers refusing new patients, or general dissatisfaction with the healthcare system — people needed help. Adams thought to himself, Why is good healthcare so darned hard to get around here? He decided to do something different. Near the end of 2020, he left his steady job and risked his financial future to start a new practice, one with a model few people in the area had heard of. Adams signed the paperwork for Auburn Direct Primary Care and stepped down from his position of chief medical officer on January 1. Then, he put all his focus on starting his new practice.

Dr. Adams is another fine example of physicians who have worked in the the typical world of healthcare who then realize there must be a better way for both their patients and themselves. Dr. Adams sums up the core of DPC:

My goal from the outset was to provide high quality, personalized care for my patients, unencumbered by the tyranny of the insurance companies, he said. In my practice, I can accept whoever I want, even the tough and time-consuming cases. I can take text messages from my patients since I don’t have to force them to come into the office to get paid. I can spend time on educating my patients, listening to their concerns, and treating them as a whole person. And I can do it all without putting my patients into debt over their healthcare.

DPC News congratulates Dr. Adams and we look forward to hearing updates from him in the future.

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