Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

The Renton Reporter recently reports that Dr. Elizabeth Eaman has opened Oodle Family Medicine in Renton, Washington. Dr. Eaman is excited to embark on her venture into direct primary care.

Eaman said “divorcing” herself from health insurers not only allows her to take better care of her patients, but it reduces the cost of care by up to 90 percent at times.

She said health insurance companies in the United States have inflated the cost of equipment, supplies, procedures and care in general.

The amount of ways they can inflate the cost of something like a blood draw is insane, she said.

In the corporate system of medicine, Elizabeth felt “beaten down” and that she could not be the doctor she wanted to be to her patients.

Eaman also has a background in transgender health care and has done a lot of work to to examine how the health care system can be more accepting of people on the gender spectrum — and how physicians can work to repair the damage and distrust that particular communities and individuals may have of our health care system.

In case you are wondering why the practice is called “Oodle” Family Medicine, well the practice is named in honor of Dr. Eaman’s mother, Allyn Ravitz, who passed away on 9/30/16. Oodle was her mother’s Hebrew name, an unforgettable name for an unforgettable woman. I highly suggest you go to the the website to read more about this accomplished woman.

Dr. Eaman is definitely making her mom proud!

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