Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

Drs. Christina and Jake Mutch were highlighted in a recent article in The Virginia Gazette. Christina and Jake started their careers in a small town in the West Virginia mountains. They came back to Williamsburg, where they had done their undergrad education at the College of William and Mary, to open Defiant Direct Primary Care in late 2020.

With an appreciation for the often lost-to-history doctors who make house calls, Christina Mutch said they have worked hard to make their mom-and-pop facility feel authentic and open to their patients.

Jake Mutch reinforces this sentiment on their website:

We believe that the best care comes from slowing down, removing the distractions, and spending the extra time investing in the doctor-patient relationship.

For some ideas of how to market your practice, go to the Defiant Direct Primary Care website. Christina and Jake have really been getting their message out there. They have been featured in multiple publications such as Williamsburg Lifestyle and The Local Scoop Magazine. They have written pieces for DPC News and have been featured on Dr. Maryal Concepion’s My DPC Story. They are also proud members of the DPC Alliance. You can even learn more about their “friendlier approach to primary care that puts the focus back on the patient” on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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