Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

The following is from Hunter Schultz and we wanted to share it with you:

One method of effective DPC marketing is sharing good information with your patients, but not just healthcare stories or advice. My Medium article covers four points of interest for anyone working or wanting to find a job. I understand that it may not be medically related but all your patients will relate or know someone who is in that position of needing employment.

You can read the article but to save your valuable time, here’s some text to use:

Hello Alice!

Thought this article would interest you, or someone you know.

People are looking for ways to get ahead. Getting a raise. Keeping their job. Finding a new position. Building their career skills. 

Remember, your next checkup is on ____________. 

(Insert an appropriate reminder about C-19 vaccine availability or similar here.)

Yours in health,

Dr. Jane

Obviously you can put whatever you want in there but shows the patient you care.

Hunter Schultz lives, works, and plays in Panama. He’s not a doctor, but he’s great at helping people get far better healthcare. His “Winning Healthcare Food Fights — without the mess!” show helps disrupt what we now think of as healthcare by having better conversations about it.

(Editor’s Note: I am a big believer in keeping in touch with your patients. That can be via newsletter, email, etc. It slows churn and churn sucks. That’s why I wrote a about about it. I included Hunter’s thoughts because sending patients helpful information helps you connect with them. And that keeps them with your practice.)

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