Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

Here is a great tip from Dr. Kylie Vannaman, MD of Health Suite 110 Direct Primary Care who offered this to us:

If anyone is looking for a really easy (and affordable) way to collect video testimonials for their practice website, check out Boast. We recently signed up and embedded the link to our website and have to say, it’s been a good $12/month spent, especially when compared to traditional videographer pricing. With the plan we have, you can collect up to 10 reviews per month (if anyone has tips on how to collect that many, let me know)! Example videos in the link (top 4 are professional ones we did years ago, bottom 3 are ones we had submitted via Boast).

Referral link if interested:

Boast describes itself as a service that will give you:

  • The easiest way to collect customer feedback, video testimonials, and online reviews.
  • Everything you need to automatically request, collect, and share feedback from your customers.
  • Forms help you collect quality customer feedback in a way that showcases your brand and maximizes your response rates.

This is their video to explain things. Get a cup of coffee as it is detailed and a little long:

Well, there you have it. Check them out if you want. As always, this is at your own risk. At the time of this blog entry, we have no financial agreement with Boast to post about them though we save the right to take all appropriate advertisements to support this site.

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