Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

Dr. Melissa Cain grew up in Chesterton, went to Indiana State University and the Indiana University School of Medicine. She has 14 years of experience and specializes in family medicine. She has now opened PrimeMD, the first DPC practice in La Porte, Indiana. On top of all of that, she and her long-term boyfriend have four children between the two of them. Talk about having a lot on your plate!

Here is a quote from a recent article about PrimeMD in What’s New La Porte?

PrimeMD members enjoy access to prescription medication and laboratory testing at 10 percent over wholesale cost. At PrimeMD, members can come in, be assessed by their doctor, have blood drawn by that same doctor, and leave with their medication in hand. Streamlined, efficient; the future of healthcare.  

Congratulations and best wishes Dr. Cain from DPC News.

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