Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

Dr. Amanda Preimesberger of Verona, WI will be opening her DPC practice rootsMD in March 2021. Dr. Preimesberger has worked twelve years with a major health care system, but she is now making a change. Dr. Preimesberger says the DPC model will allow her to take the time she needs with each patient. She envisions rebuilding medicine into something more personal, accessible and unhurried. She’ll get back to what first drew her to medicine in the first place, and in the area she was raised — hence the rootsMD name.

From the article:

“Patients get less time with their doc than ever before, and physicians are left feeling demoralized with little autonomy in their practice. Burnout is prevalent,” Preimesberger says. “DPC has the ability to correct nearly every strain point currently faced by patients and their physicians in the primary care setting.”

You can read more about Dr. Preimesberger and her new practice in a recent issue of Madison Magazine.

DPC News welcomes Dr. Preimesberger to the DPC family!

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