Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

I find it amazing when I see journals like these and realize that DPC doctors have NONE of these problems. So, let’s look at the list in the image and laugh together, shall we?

  • Paperwork and administrative burdens (nope)
  • Physician burnout and autonomy (nope)
  • Saving for retirement (you can save so much more being on your own)
  • Increased competition (you only need 600 patients)
  • Getting paid (we get paid every month)
  • EHR usability (SOAP notes in a friendly EHR. That’s easy.)
  • Hiring excellent staff (one person is all you need)
  • Transitioning to value-based care (we are value-based care without the nasty bureaucratic after taste).

Medical Economics is a journal created for doctors in the system. They used to have Rob Lamberts, MD do a DPC section but I haven’t seen one in a long time. Maybe they get hate mail about Direct Primary Care, who knows?But DPC does have some challenges, like every business. I will name some:

  • Finding a partner if you want to expand
  • Getting business to join
  • Filling your practice
  • Dealing with difficult patients

Can you name some other ones so we can rank them and put that information out?

What do you think are the biggest DPC challenges?

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