Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

Dr. Dionne Ross, who is Board Certified in Pediatrics, saw her long-time dream come true at the beginning of this year when she opened Face to Face Pediatrics, which is the first pediatric direct primary care in Albuquerque, NM. She was also super excited to enjoy practicing medicine again. She offers in-home and virtual visits to all her members, bringing convenience and quality care to kids in their favorite place- their home. 

“I have always wanted to care for kids in the comfort of their homes. I wished I could practice the way it used to be but I thought it was impossible and that I had to make myself fit into traditional medicine because that’s just the way it was. DPC saved my career, it just made sense.” Dr. Ross

Face to Face Pediatrics offers routine well-child checks, unlimited sick visits, routine vaccinations, lactation consultations, sleep, nutrition, and fitness counseling. Dr. Ross also offers baby registry guidance, infant nail trimming, and medical ear piercing. It’s like having your own personal pediatrician.

“Parents love this model, they love knowing I am truly there for them. They enjoy having longer appointments where they can address all their concerns without feeling rushed and being told they can only discuss 1 or 2 problems today. Their peace of mind is priceless.” Dr. Ross

Dr. Ross also has experience in integrative medicine.  Direct access to Dr. Ross, long appointments, no waiting rooms, multiple siblings seen in the same visit, same day or next day appointments, no copays, no surprise bills, and the convenience of phone calls, texts, emails or video calls are highlights of Face to Face Pediatrics.

” The joy I have right now caring for kids in this model is indescribable. I get to be a part of their lives in a deeper, more meaningful way while guiding them to health and wholeness. They need love and attention so much more now than ever before.” Dr. Ross

More information on Face to Face Pediatrics can be found on their website as well as on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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