Sat. Jun 19th, 2021

You never know how much goodwill you create until you give things away for free. That’s what makes DPC Doctors so special. They are always helping each other. Yes, I have three books that I sell but, trust me, you don’t make very much money on them with a very small direct primary care market. Personally, I have always tried to give my time away on such platforms as this or even with personal phone calls. I believe in the greater good of spreading the DPC gospel so the market can grow and the heathcare system improves. It’s really that simple. That’s why I helped start the DPC Alliance so that there a tighter community and an official voice to DPC. No doctor working for the DPCA gets paid. That’s important.

Giving away things is really important for your practice as well. Doing free lectures to educate the public is an example. You are teaching (that’s what a doctor does) and therefore helping people in the audience. If they become patients then awesome. If not then you can still feel good about what you did. There are tons of other ways to give value away. You can volunteer at school events or road races or charities. Will it get you patients? Of course, but that isn’t the point. You did a good deed and gave away your time for free. Only good karma comes from that. Does this make sense?

Do you have other ways to give something away? Other examples to give your time away for free to the community? Please leave some examples in the comments so other DPC docs may learn from you. In a meta way you are giving something away free here and the good Karma circle continues.

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  1. Great article! Doing my part in giving back by creating and hosting “My DPC Story” a podcast where DPC and direct specialty care physicians share their stories! That said, none of the guests are paid so each of them is giving back by sharing their story as well! Interviews can be found at

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