Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

The Sentinal in Keene, NH reported updates about how local healthcare providers are doing a year into the pandemic. While area hospitals have been running in the red during this past year and are just starting to break even, the local DPC practice, Monarca Health, which opened in the fall of 2020, has continued to grow. Dr. Aurora Leon, along with Dr. Joaquin Carral, intentionally the only two employees at Monarca Health, states

“The problem was hospitals were overwhelmed with things like COVID, so the regular things … were left out,” she said. “So a lot of people after six months of the pandemic were still lost, still having drug overdoses, having a lot of issues with anxiety, not sleeping, and definitely needed primary care. She added that part of the reason for Monarca’s continued patient increase is that many people feel safer at the small practice.”

Drs. Leon and Carral spent 5 years in a Federal Qualified Clinic “Generations Family Health Center” offering service to the underserved population in Connecticut before opening Monarca Health. They believe that good food and a healthy lifestyle can be the best medicine. They hope to build relationships with and share this message with their patients for many years to come.

Monarca Health is the fifth direct primary-care provider to open in the Granite State, following one in Peterborough, one in Concord and two in Portsmouth, according to DPC Frontier. DPC continues to thrive even through tough times.

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