Wed. Aug 4th, 2021

Loudon-Times Mirror posted a recent article about Dr. Anusha Khan and Dr. Sherri Kochendoefer of Mosaic Theory MD Direct Primary Care. Mosaic Therapy MD, which opened in the summer of 2020, is an independent Internal Medicine practice that uses an affordable membership model, paying a little more than $3 dollars a day without any copays or hidden fees. Drs. Khan and Kochendoefer state that:

True health starts with the person, NOT the disease. We offer a comprehensive approach to care that addresses the whole person. You are a unique Mosaic influenced by genetic, physical, mental, spiritual, environmental and social forces. We believe there is no single causative agent but rather, many cumulative processes that lead to chronic illness.

We also recognize that true health is preventing and not just curing disease. Our role as your physician is to recognize knowledge gaps, translate medical information and guide you in long-term lifestyle changes that can potentially reverse disease and prevent future health problems before they arise.

As part of their medical training, both Anusha and Sherri provided care to the indigenous people on the island of Dominica. They were able to provide medical care directly to people without bureaucratic red tap and interference. The idea Mosaic Theory MD was born from this experience.

We have joined the grassroots movement of Direct Primary Care, which allows us to get back to the roots of medicine to foster the doctor-patient relationship as it was always meant to be. Both of us have always been fighters and have been driven. We want to channel that drive and passion into helping our patients take charge of their health while providing them the most cost affective options to do it.

DPC is not just for family medicine physicians. Mosaic Theory MD shows that internal medicine is also a great fit for the DPC model.

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