Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

In a recent story of Chicago Business, Dr. Alex Lickman’s practice ImagineMD is featured. Dr. Lickman founded his practice in partnership with his wife Rhea Campbell in West Loop, Chicago back in 2016. Today that practice is full and they have opened a second office in Bloomingdale, which is staffed by Vicki Samuels, MD. Lickman and Campbell are also in the midst of opening another clinic to treat patients covered under new employer contracts and see another clinic on the horizon by the end of 2022.

COVID hit and sort of blew open the cracks in the health care system for all to see, Campbell says, noting that the pandemic has led more employers to consider offering direct primary care benefits, which aim to reduce health care costs and improve outcomes for employees.

The husband and wife team see Direct Primary Care as a way “to save primary care and make it easier for risk-averse doctors to be part of an innovative payment model.”

Campbell and Lickerman have built the business with no outside capital. But as more employers offer direct primary care and ImagineMD grows, they say they’re open to finding the right investment partner.

It is inspiring to see the different ways that DPC practices continue to grow as things changes in the world.

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