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Can’t beat DPC!

Jeff Davenport, MD is a DPC doctor at One Focus Medical in Oklahoma. If you ever meet him you will notice a few things. He a great guy. He is smart and easy to converse with. And he is always with his sidekick, that being his wife Christine.

From his website: “He met the love of his life very early in life. Christine and Dr. D have been in love since they were high school sweethearts. They’ve been married since 1998, and she is his best friend and love. She’s also the mother of his children: Megan, born in 2001, and Molly, 2004”

Christine started as a marketer for Dr. Davenport’s DPC office about two years ago but when his MA left for a new job last summer, he decided not to replace her.  “The only thing she really did that Christine can’t do was give shots and check BP. So, now I do all that.”

Christine is their “first impression specialist” aka receptionist. In fact, she refers to herself as Christine Davenport LOP (lover of people). “My wife has always been a people person so she is a natural receptionist. Everyone loves her. She just has a natural feel for when people need a laugh, hug, or prayer. It’s very valuable to my practice.”

Dr. Davenport started One Focus Medical seven years ago. He has had medical partners in his practice before but they have gone their own ways for various reasons. Now he has decided to stay solo and keep it a small family business. He does rent to a psychiatrist and a pathologist renting in the building.  His practice is full with 690 patients and a waiting list. 

“Life is good”, says Dr. Davenport.

The picture above was when Dr. Davenpor recently asked a part-time receptionist to stay the rest of the day so he could surprise Christine with an afternoon off together. “You can’t do that in the system. Only DPC!”

We, at DPC News, want to celebrate all the couples working in DPC together. Dr. and Mrs. Davenport are a perfect example of how they can make a DPC business work and still stay in love. We wish them an upcoming Happy Valentine’s Day, something that we are sure they will have.

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