Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

We are very proud to announce that Kenneth Qiu, MD has joined the DPC News team! You might have seen his first article yesterday. I first met Kenneth when he asked me to be on a panel for the Virginia Academy of Family Physician’s annual event. This was when people actually didn’t wear masks and were able to go to conferences in person. How weird is that? Anyway, I so was impressed with Dr. Qiu’s knowledge of DPC that he was the first person I wanted to seek out when I started this. I really thought DPC News needed to have a “resident and student” section and so now we do.

If you don’t know Dr. Qiu then you are missing out. He is a PGY-3 family medicine resident who is opening a DPC practice in the Richmond area in July 2021. He has been involved with the DPC community since medical school and has worked to increase awareness of DPC for medical students and residents across the country. He’s presented at two previous DPC Summits, serves as a steering member of the DPC Coalition, and is also an innovation consultant to the AAFP.

You can leave comments here for him to moderate. He will be also organizing and publishing articles from other residents and students who will be discussing Direct Primary Care and how it affects them.

If we want to grow DPC then we need to self-promote it. Getting the residents and medical students involved is critical. Now you have a website to send these future doctors to.

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