Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

I have been involved in the DPC movement for a long time. From lectures to writing books to help start the DPC Alliance. I know this stuff pretty well. I also know how to start a DPC practice and market it. It took me years and hundreds of hours listening to marketing podcasts and reading books. Then I had to go out and fail with some of these things on my own. And I did. But I kept learning. I cannot say I have a degree in marketing because I do not, but as far as marketing for a Direct Care office I would say I am as educated on it as much as anyone. This brings me to my point, that being specialists who want to do Direct Specialty Care.

I have been hit by a ton of emails or FB messages from specialists who want DPC News to highlight their practice. Great. I love it. But I am blown away by what I am seeing. I am not trying to be hurtful but here are some examples:

  • When I email back some of these inquiring specialists they never respond. How can you do Direct Care when you can’t even respond to someone who is responding to you?
  • Some specialists don’t even do Direct Care. They are just throwing their names out there like spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks. That won’t work.
  • Some specialists have NOTHING on their website that shows they do Direct Care in any manner.
  • Some specialists have no method to get people to their website. Great ideas mean nothing without marketing.
  • Some specialists think putting up a generic website saying they do Direct Care is all that is needed. That also won’t work.
  • Some specialists want a DPC doc to refer to them but have no menu item or tab that a DPC could click and read explaining WHY a DPC doc would need to refer to them.

There are so many things I could still add to this list. This is NOT a personal attack on specialists. Every newbie DPC doc has to learn this stuff too. And I want DSC to succeed.

DPC News is open to highlighting any and all appropriate specialists who can work hand-in-hand with DPC docs or who can, for a reasonable and transparent amount, treat patients for a cash price. For those who fall into the list above then you have to fix things, not for my benefit but for yours.

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