Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

Dr. Cristin Dickerson, MD wrote a nice article about Direct Primary Care while also putting in a plug about Direct Specialty Care. This is part of Green Imaging, which describes itself as the following:

Green Imaging provides a direct, uninhibited path from the supply (medical services) to the demand (DPC and other direct care providers, employers, and patients) thereby reducing costs.

The article is called Maybe Traditional Health Insurance Companies Are Not As Essential As They Would Like Us to Believe and it does a nice job describing why DPC is part of the solution to our broken healthcare system. Though not a silver bullet, the benefits are immense including:

  • Utilizing a direct-pay model means fewer middlemen.
  • There’s often no insurance information to fill out.
  • No government forms.
  • No waiting around for payment authorizations.
  • Patients get high-quality care at an affordable and transparent price.
  • Doctors don’t have to deal with interloping third parties. It’s a win-win! More importantly, it’s a return to the natural relationship between a doctor and a patient.

I think this is an article you may want to save and share in the future. Why doesn’t your local radiologist group offer “Direct Specialty Care”? Send them the article. How about ortho? Send them the article. You get my drift.

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