Wed. Aug 4th, 2021
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So, here comes some good news. Nebraska State employees are now eligible to enroll in Direct Primary Care. All the particulars are not given in this article but it looks like a great deal:

Even more, Governor Ricketts confirmed that the State of Nebraska will cover 79% of the Direct Primary Care cost for State employees.

That’s pretty impressive. It looks like Strada Healthcare was instrumental is getting this done but I hope this was not only meant for them.

The concept is pretty simple:

State Senator Merv Riepe, who was instrumental in the introduction and passing of the Act, encourages State employees to opt-into Direct Primary Care and pair it with a catastrophic plan, also offered through the State’s benefit package. In other words, enroll in a high-deductible health plan to wrap-around Direct Primary Care. This is a protection in the case of a catastrophic medical emergency.

Todd Johnson, DO, the first-ever Direct Primary Care provider in the State of Nebraska, was also mentioned in the piece. Congratulations to all of you. There are no other details given so let’s just hope there are no strings attached to this (metrics, data, billing) and that the small, independent DPC practices can get involved with this as well. The only link given for NE state employees goes right to Strada Healthcare care. That concerns me a bit.

If anyone has more information about these details please send them our way.

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