Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

Here is an awesome promotion for Direct Primary Care. The site is and the article is on Julie Foucher, who is just out of residency. Per the article, “Between 2010 and 2014, Julie Foucher made four CrossFit Games appearances, finishing on the podium twice (2nd in 2012 and 3rd in 2014), and never outside the Top 5”. And she is a huge DPC fan!! Here are some quotes from the piece:

I’m in a transition phase and sort of taking things one day at a time, knowing that they will likely change. When I had finished residency, my plan was to start my own practice in a model called Direct Primary Care. For a variety of reasons that got delayed and it actually allowed me to meet the amazing founders of a practice called Wild Health and got to know them really well. 

I’m very excited about the model of Direct Primary Care and how we can use telemedicine to reach more people.

I had to stop listing quotes there because it seemed like the whole second half of the article is about Julie describing DPC. It’s all the stuff you know so I am choosing not to repeat it but it is great for the general public. She is obviously a fan.

Julie, I know you are not doing DPC now but the community is ready whenever you are.

8460cookie-checkJulie Foucher, MD is a Famous CrossFit Competitor and On the Path to Becoming a DPC Doctor

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