Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

You are busy. You are tired. You now have a DPC practice or at least DPC curious. You may be planning or already running your own practice which means you are wearing a businessperson hat as well. The last thing you want on your plate is to do us a favor. We get it but we are asking anyway. Ready? Here goes. If you have bought any of our books (the three in the image above) could you please take one minute and give us a review on Amazon? It doesn’t matter how long ago you purchased them either. Thanks so much!!

Why does this mean a lot to us? The reviews rank us higher and do lead to more sales. These sales are in part what keeps this site going. It’s that simple. if you haven’t bought any of our books then by all means we would appreciate that too. Here are the links: GUIDE, MOTIVATION, CHURN. Thank you all so much in advance!

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2 thoughts on “Our Big Ask From You”
  1. I bought the Official Guide to starting your own DPC practice. I found it invaluable. It gave me the steps that I needed (most of which if did not know I needed) to start the business. A follow up book of running a practice would be great if it covered subjects such as maintaining boundaries/ life balance, security for communications, protocols for interacting with staff, vendors, and insurance (which we still have to deal with in some cases).
    I could not have opened my practice without this guide so thank you so much for the guidance. It took my dream of owning a DPC practice to reality. and BTW, I will never go back! I love practicing real medicine again!

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