Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

Registration for the (virtual) DPC Summit 2021 is now open and for the 3rd year in a row there will be a residents and medical students (RaMS) track. Once again, the organizers have agreed to make this track completely FREE. Everyone is welcome to join, but the content has been specifically curated for RaMS. Last year, I brought together three panels of DPC doctors who started right out or shortly after residency at varying parts of their DPC practices. The goal was to show not only can someone start a DPC right out of residency, people indeed have done it. This year, I’ve brought together 3 panels again for a 2 hour session on the evening of the first night of the Summit, July 16 from 5-7 pm central time. Below is the full session with speakers and topics. Please share this form with any residents/residencies and medical students/medical school interest groups who may be interested as this is the only way to sign up for the track alone. To sign up for the full Summit you can visit the summit site here. There are plenty of scholarships available for all RaMS, so look into applying and attending the full summit!

One year later
These panelists joined us last year as they were opening their doors. See how they’re doing now and what they’ve learned. Spoiler alert: They’re doing really well and have learned a bunch!
Lauren Hughes MD: Bloom Pediatrics
Deepti Mundkur MD, MAH: My Happy Doctor
Jake and Christina Mutch DO: Defiant DPC

You’re Hired
Learn what it’s like to join an existing DPC straight out of residency. Starting your own practice has been synonymous with doing DPC for the last several years. Many RaMS don’t have that risk tolerance or are not in a financial situation to do so. Luckily, the market to hire into DPC has been expanding rapidly and offers a safer alternative. This exposes learners to another opportunity to do DPC at the end of residency and may help fill a growing need of DPC offices looking to hire.
Jon Schmidt MD: Priority Physicians
Jamie Qualls DO, MPH: Plum Health DPC
Josh Carpenter MD: Hometown Direct Care

DPC and the Underserved
Nick Tomsen, MD and Brandon Alleman, MD started Antioch Med straight out of residency in Wichita, Kansas. Hear how they make full spectrum family medicine work for an underserved community with DPC. They have also gone from starting their own DPC out of residency to now hiring physicians straight out of residency. This session will in part be pre-recorded so Dr. Tomsen and Alleman can engage in the chat real-time. Followed by some live Q&A.

Look forward to (virtually) seeing you there and again please share this link!

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By Kenneth Qiu, MD

Dr. Qiu will be moderating our Resident and Student section. Kenneth Qiu, MD recently finished his family medicine residency and has just opened a DPC practice in the Richmond, VA area ( He has been involved with the DPC community since medical school and has worked to increase awareness of DPC for medical students and residents across the country. He’s presented at three previous DPC Summits.

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