Tue. Apr 20th, 2021

DPC News fully supports what the DPC Alliance is doing. We are proud to share their announcements and here is the first of many to come:

Hello from a secret bunker in the lost mountains of Blue Ridge. I am excited to share with everyone the first report of monthly installments of Direct Primary Care Alliance monthly board meetings. The meeting formal minutes are posted to the public once approved by the board. However, we want to share the Alliance news with the DPC community as soon as we can. To that end, let’s go. 

The Alliance board members are working on a collaboration with Dr. Maryal Concepcion of My DPC Story fame that would offer DPC physician “meet up” chat rooms. These would function similar to Clubhouse in a sense and would be a place for physicians new to DPC to connect with experienced DPC docs to chat for a brief time. Also, this could be used by experienced DPC docs to meet up for tips and support as they continue to grow. This would be a unique platform specific to DPC physicians. All involved hope is this will be a great resource for DPC Alliance members to connect in regular chat room like format. More to come. 

BIG NEWS ALERT: DPC ALLIANCE MASTERMIND weekends are coming back in 2021!! The dates are now set for eight (yeah 8) DPC Mastermind Weekends across America starting NEXT MONTH, May 14-16 in Wichita Falls, TX. Other locations include: Omaha, Nebraska area; The Carolinas—Greenville, SC and Gastonia, NC; Hampden, Maine; Wichita, Kansas; Chicago, Illinois; Hood River, Oregon; and Hermann, Missouri. These will be regional live, in-person and intense DPC training sessions with limited number of participants allowing more personalization of the courses for attendees. There will be time for one-on-one discussions at these events will focus on starting and building a successful DPC practice. New this year, CME credit through AAFP will be included for these events. These DPC Mastermind events will be the premier DPC educational events of the year, don’t miss out to connect with some incredible leaders in DPC. Watch for more info listed here on DPC News. 

With the overwhelming help of Dr Amber Beckenhauer, DO, The DPC Alliance has secured a nationwide group purchasing plan with Henry Schein. This discount program went into effect in April and over 100 DPC physicians are already participating in the savings plan. Early reports are showing hundreds of dollars in savings on medical supplies and equipment. There are also discounts for LabCorp labs and other companies. This program is NOW open to any DPC Alliance members who want to join. Find more info here

Finally, the Alliance team is working on a collaboration with a national well known and establish lender that works specifically with medical clinics and startups. This financial group is very excited about the future of DPC and are taking steps to design a unique loan program to help physicians start up their own DPC clinics.  Please keep it here to learn more in the future. 

We hope you find this DPC Alliance information helpful and will consider joining this growing national physician lead group. The Alliance needs you!  So, jump in…and keep on DPCing. 

Geronimo Gubernaculum reporting from Alliance Headquarters 

AKA Shane Purcell, MD

If you haven’t joined the DPC Alliance then please consider doing so. For more information go to dpcalliance.org.

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