Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

The Heritage Foundation put out an article trying to predict what Congress and the Biden administration will do to our healthcare system.

There is good reason for states to worry. As governors and state legislatures develop their own health care agendas, looming federal actions create uncertainty and potential disruption for the states.  

You are free to read the whole thing but in section four called Alternative Health Care Arrangements they mention:

As more people were priced out of the Obamacare markets, the demand for more affordable health care options increased. Federal policy initiatives, some complemented by state action, were taken to expand and ease the availability of alternative care arrangements.

Federal regulation was promulgated to:

– Make short-term, limited-duration insurance more readily available.

– To allow businesses to bond together to purchase coverage for themselves and their employees through association health plans.

– And to expand the availability of health reimbursement accounts to give employers more health care options for their employees.

Other innovative care models, such as direct primary care and health sharing ministries, have also emerged as affordable alternatives to traditional health insurance.

Yet, opponents have already taken aim at these new innovative approaches. For example, legal challenges have stalled association health plans, legislative prohibitions against short-term, limited-duration insurance, and sharing ministries have emerged at the state level as well as in Congress.

It remains unclear to what extent the administration and Congress will take action to eliminate or restrict these emerging options, but such federal actions would certainly destabilize state markets, putting families at risk of losing access with little to no recourse.  

I really am not sure if DPC will be affected by any legislation, especially not immediately. Much of what will be done will only make seeing your doctor, if you are a patient still in the system, more difficult. This is what makes having a DPC doc more desirable. We will just have to keep an eye out and see what happens.

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