Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

 Life and Family Medical is now open in Iowa and Dr. Julie Schroeder, MD was just highlighted in a recent newscast piece.

“For me, (I like) the flexibility as a doctor and that sense of knowing I’m doing right,” she says. “Most doctors went into medicine with this desire to serve and help people. That’s been lost in a lot of doctors, the sense of doing that (because of) churning and grinding through the system.”

From her website:

We strive to restore the doctor-patient relationship by eliminating the rules and regulations of insurance that interfere with that relationship. The individual is put back in control of their healthcare choices. You receive quality healthcare that isn’t rushed, fits your schedule, and offers transparent pricing. We maintain the dignity of each individual and their relationship with God, family, and doctor.

It’s a simple model. One that saves the doctor and the patient. We wish Dr. Shroeder well and hope she fills up her panel soon.

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