Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

I have listened to Brian Tracy, motivational business speaker, for a long, long time. I love most of his stuff so I thought I would share some it with you.

This is from his book Goals.

Create A Five Year Fantasy

In personal strategic planning, you should begin with a long-term view of your life, as well. You should begin by practicing idealization in everything you do. In the process of idealization, you create a fiveyear fantasy for yourself, and begin thinking about what your life would look life in five years if it were perfect in every respect.

The biggest single obstacle to setting goals is “self-limiting beliefs.” These are areas where you believe yourself to be limited in some way. You may believe yourself to be inadequate or inferior in areas such as intelligence, ability, talent, creativity, personality or something else. As a result, you sell yourself short. By underestimating yourself, you set either no goals, or low goals that are far below what you are truly capable of accomplishing.

I believe that 99% of you will have a full and thriving practice in 5 years (if you just started). I love the point of visualization that Tracy brings up here. What will your life look like? I believe it really is beneficial to spend time EVERY DAY thinking about thinks like:

  • What will your practice be like then?
  • Will you have your own building?
  • What your patients are like? Yes, you actually can control that.
  • Will you have a partner?

And these are just DPC related. You really want to do the same with the rest of your life (something doctors tend to forget about).

A lot of you will blow this off. Don’t. Spend 5 minutes a day doing a personal strategic planning session like Brian Tracy talks about.

Set goals. Dream big. Destroy those self-limiting beliefs.

(Editor’s Note: I will try to use more of these tidbits from Brian Tracy and others. Please leave a comment if you feel it is beneficial to you).

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