Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

Sign up for the FREE Resident and Medical Student (RaMS) track at the DPC Summit closes on June 30. Share with everyone and anyone you know who may be interested. Sign up for the full Summit will still be available afterwards.

We already have almost 150 sign ups! Thanks to everyone who has shared so far. Here are some stats from the current sign ups

We’ve gotten some great engagement with residents this year. Last year the ratio was about 50/50.

Residents are coming pretty much exclusively from FM programs. This matches last year, but we had a few peds last year and none so far this year. DPC is great for all primary care specialties, so outreach to more IM and Peds programs is definitely something we should shoot for now and in the future.

Medical students seem to like the free text option, but, long story short, there’s a pretty even mix of students across the years. Last year the large majority of medical students were M4s (now would be residents), so it’s encouraging to see how DPC is trickling down to med students at an even earlier point in their education.

As expected, most of the students plan to pursue family medicine. There are some who are considering other specialties. These students could always be a good way to introduce the DPC concept to other specialties.

Thanks to everyone who has shared the link so far. The RaMS track is really an investment in the future and I hope when we go back to in person conferences these sign ups translate to more RaMS attending. Let’s see if we can make a final push this week to get over 200!

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By Kenneth Qiu, MD

Dr. Qiu will be moderating our Resident and Student section. Kenneth Qiu, MD recently finished his family medicine residency and has just opened a DPC practice in the Richmond, VA area ( He has been involved with the DPC community since medical school and has worked to increase awareness of DPC for medical students and residents across the country. He’s presented at three previous DPC Summits.

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