Mon. May 10th, 2021

Medical students and residents often ask how they can start preparing to be a DPC doctor. From a medical standpoint, the answer is to do and learn as much as possible in your training and strive to be the best doctor you can be.

Dr. Nick Tomsen of Antioch Med and Dr. Vance Lassey of Holton Direct Care both practice full spectrum family medicine. They put together this fantastic video explaining why you should practice full-scope family med and how they do it. You can learn all sorts of tips and tricks from them to wow your preceptors and faculty.

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By Kenneth Qiu, MD

Dr. Qiu will be moderating our Resident and Student section. Kenneth Qiu, MD is a PGY-3 family medicine resident who is opening a DPC practice in the Richmond area July 2021. He has been involved with the DPC community since medical school and has worked to increase awareness of DPC for medical students and residents across the country. He’s presented at two previous DPC Summits, serves as a steering member of the DPC Coalition, and is also an innovation consultant to the AAFP.

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