Wed. Aug 4th, 2021

Technology continues to get better in the field of dermatology. SkinIO is one of the new players on the block. This may be a product you would be interested in using as a Direct Primary Care physician. In an attempt to organize “practice tips” that keep being lost, we are highlighting this one and storing them in the appropriate channel.

We were initially tipped off about this by a discussion on Facebook and this information was offered for us to use by Matthew Hitchcock, MD of Hitchcock Family Medicine (a DPC practice).

I just wanted to take a second and say how amazed I am with SkinIO. I’ve been using it for a little over a year, so I’m starting to have folks come back in for their second photo sets.

We offer it with every annual exam. Not every patient takes us up on it. Telling patients you want to take photos of them naked or in their underwear is a little awkward sometimes. Over the past year, we have done 150ish photo sets. We have had 4 outright melanomas, 2-3 SCCs, and 3-4 BCCs and a handful of dysplastic lesions.

This young lady came in for her second scan. SkinIO flagged this spot as new, about 2mm. Didn’t like how it looked under the dermatoscope. It was very asymmetric with globules of pigment. Came back severely dysplastic nevus cannot rule out melanoma! No way a human would have noticed that.

Here is some more information on the product.

To give both sides of the issue, there is debate about over screening for melanoma. You can read this article here and decide for yourself.

(Editor’s Note: We are not being paid by SkinIO for writing this).

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