Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

Risa Davidson, DO is opening her practice this week, Thursday, April 1st!  It is called “Little Village Pediatrics” and is located in Carmel, Indiana.  The name stems from the practice being located in a densely populated community called “The Village of WestClay” in Carmel, IN.  It is a picturesque historically inspired community full of bright vibrant house colors you would not typically see blended together!  It is the perfect spot for this DPC practice, only the 2nd pediatric DPC practice in the state of Indiana.

From Dr Davidson:

“I would never have imagined I would be in this position 1 year ago.  I had my life plan laid out of retiring when I was in my 50’s to get out of the system as soon as possible.  I am 38 years old and the goal was “how much can I save now for early retirement?”  The burnout was real, I was so confused by this at such a young age.  Finally, it all became crystal clear that it was not the patients causing the burnout.  It was the constant demands/rules by administration, the paperwork, insurance battles, daily disagreements fighting for what was right, the 15-minute appointment well checks, the list goes on.  I realized I was “very replaceable” and no longer seen as a human being, but just a cog in the wheel that brings in revenue.  I resigned in October 2020 (180-day notice required) with no plans of what to do next.  I just knew I could not continue the negative path I was on. 

I needed to figure out a way to be the doctor I thought I would be when I was in medical school.  I wanted better patient care, real family relationships, and connections…I wanted to talk with a family and not keep checking the clock knowing I had to leave in 5 minutes because my next patient was waiting.  I wanted to talk with specialists and have real conversations about my patients… this takes time that didn’t exist. 

I stumbled upon DPC after searching many Facebook groups of physician side gigs, alternate careers… just trying to brainstorm what I could do but still practice medicine.  I am eternally grateful for ALL of the amazing people in the DPC facebook groups who are so genuine and helpful.  You all have changed my life forever in the most positive way!  I hope I can help future docs find this amazing career path and take the leap!

Congratulations, Dr. Davidson!! The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. You got this.

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