Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

Brian Blank, MD just opened his Direct Primary Care practice this week. It is called Ember Modern Medicine and it is located in Greenville, SC. He was highlighted in a local newspaper and here was their bullet points:

  • Dr. Brian Blank has left the Upstate hospital system in an effort to create a more equitable healthcare experience for his patients. 
  • Blank opened Ember Modern Medicine, a family medicine direct primary care practice (DPC). 
  • According to, “the direct primary care (DPC) model gives family physicians a meaningful alternative to fee-for-service insurance billing, typically by charging patients a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee. This fee covers all or most primary care services including clinical and laboratory services, consultative services, care coordination, and comprehensive care management.”
  • Blank said on his website that Ember Modern Medicine is a practice he’d dreamt about for more than a decade.
  • “By eliminating overpriced insurance restrictions, I can spend more time connecting with my patients and focusing on their health and wellbeing instead of rushing through 7-minute visits checking government boxes,” Black said on the site.
  • His new practice officially opens on February 15 at 1068 N. Church Street.

From Dr. Blank’s website:

It’s become all too easy to poke holes in today’s healthcare system. Patients routinely complain of feeling like a specimen rather than a human being, inadequate care, and erroneous billing. We all know it doesn’t have to be that way, but aren’t quite sure where to go for an alternative. That’s why we created Ember Modern Medicine.

At Ember, we’re returning to the roots of one-on-one care between doctor and patient when practicing medicine was truly relational and personal. We’re bringing a fresh new perspective to Greenville and building a community of members who believe that their health is priority. Becoming a member of the Ember family provides so much more for your overall health. Imagine a primary practice that removes the barriers to better health: Unlimited access to your doctor and the latest in private medicine. No long wait for appointments. No expensive insurance required. And no copays…ever.

Yes, it is easy to poke holes in our broken healthcare system but Direct Primary Care is a way to fill these holes. DPC News wishes Dr. Blank success in his new practice that truly will make practicing medicine relational and personal.

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