Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

There was a very nice article in MyNorth magazine that highlighted what Dr. Andrea Stoecker, DO is doing in Direct Primary Care. Her practice, Table Health, is located in Traverse City and she also is doing functional medicine with it.

Direct primary care and functional medicine practices like Traverse City’s Table Health are championing the movement by offering cost-effective, transparent and relationship-based care.

The DPC movement continues to roll and even if there are slight variants in how the practices, it still can work to fix our broken healthcare system. More from the article:

“If people leave and feel that someone was empathetic, compassionate, responsive and listened to them, then we are doing our job and we are doing something really powerful in this community,” Stoecker says

I spoke to Dr. Stoecker who was excited to share his quote with me:

DPC finally allows doctors to do what brought them into medicine, which is to truly help their patients. And patients benefit from a doctor who knows them, their family, and their health care needs.

Good luck Dr. Stoecker and thanks for getting some DPC in Michigan!

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