Wed. Aug 4th, 2021

South Pasadenan recently reported the opening of Yuli MD Pediatrics, the first exclusively concierge style DPC practice in the San Gabriel Valley, CA. Lourdes Mosqueda, MD, aka Dr. Yuli, worked in the traditional settings of pediatrics for 23 years before recently opening her practice.

I’ve come to value the strong relationships that develop between doctor and patient. However, over the years, doctor visits have transformed into rushed 10-minute appointments resulting in impersonal medical care. For this reason, I  have opened Yuli MD Pediatrics. 

You might also be wondering why it is called Yuli MD Pediatrics:

This is my nickname given to me by my late mother. In her memory, I adopted this name for my practice. The focus of Yuli MD Pediatrics, an ideal medical practice, is solely on my patients, their families, and their needs. 

Dr. Mosqueda is married and is the mother of three children and 2 dogs.

We look forward to hearing updates from from Yuli MD Pediatrics.

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