Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

Last week we highlighted a study on the benefits of DPC. Now comes an article that summarizes it much better. It’s called Study: Massachusetts Should Embrace Direct Healthcare Options. It’s actually a PR release but I highly recommend you comb through it. You can use it to:

  • Send to employers
  • Send to businesses
  • Send to patients
  • Put on your website
  • Send to your local politicians

It lists a few cool resources and quotes to throw out there. Here are some examples:

A study published in the American Journal of Primary Care found that a small subset of direct health care arrangements studied resulted in a $119.4 million decrease in preventable hospital use in these practices in New York, Florida, Virginia, Arizona and Nevada. Over 90 percent of the savings – $2,551 per patient – came from Medicare patients.

DHC also offers an innovative option for small businesses. Superior Packaging and Finishing in Braintree saved $370,000 in a year, or over $4,300 per enrolled employee when the company switched to offering a DPC plan to its employees.

What you tell others matters but having third party resources for credibility really helps you as well.

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