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Chris Voss on Physician Side Gigs

March 31

This is from Nisha Mehta, MD at Physician Side Gigs on FB:
Those of you that know me and know my mission with these groups and the speaking and writing I do know that I’m all about empowering the physician community. I believe so strongly in taking back medicine, and I believe that requires physicians coming together, talking about the things we don’t conventionally talk about, learning business and finance skills, supporting each other, and advocating for our profession and our patients.
I’ve been working on different ways to do this. I really think that with the >75,000 physician members on this group, and the >45,000 members on our linked group, Physician Community, we’ve got a real opportunity to have a lot of collective impact in the way physicians think, support each other, practice, and advocate. I’m really proud of what we were able to do with CPPPA, and am excited about what we may be able to do in the future.
To that end, I want to bring some really empowering content to the group, and leverage our numbers to create interesting and hopefully fun opportunities. I know so many of you have heard me say ad nauseam, “Know your worth, know your worth, know your worth.” You’ve probably heard me recommend the book Never Split the Difference ( more than once. I think it’s such a great book to get you in the mindset of standing up for yourself, negotiating, and beating others at their own game. For those of you that don’t know the book, Chris is a former FBI hostage negotiator, who has written one of the most widely cited books on strategic negotiation out there.
Our first event is going to be on 3/31. Chris Voss, the author of Never Split the Difference, has agreed to speak to our group!
Sign up here if interested (FREE): I’m going to have to determine how we host this based on the interest, so please sign up and we’ll go from there. It may be a FB live on this group or a Zoom, but I’ll email you when I know.
This is totally FREE, which is amazing! Chris agreed to waive his normal speaking fee after hearing about the challenges that physicians are facing in the current healthcare landscape.
If you know anything about his normal speaking fees, you know this is a big deal. I’d love if we could show him some appreciation for that, so if you can, buy his book! If you have it already, consider buying some copies as a gift! It’s a great gift for a graduating trainee! Link to buy: It’s a great gift for a graduating trainee! Link to buy: It would be hard for me to put into numbers how much more I have earned or gained as a result of these tactics, but I assure you it’s many, many orders of the cost of the book, and I truly think all physicians need to read a book like this one to encourage them to recognize and ask for their worth.

If you have physician friends that may want to join, please feel free to add them to our groups,

Physician Side Gigs and Physician Community! We will definitely be having more speakers like this (and hopefully in the future, at live events!).
Hope everybody’s even a fraction as excited about this as I am!
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March 31
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