Wed. Aug 4th, 2021

The Traverse City Business News recently wrote an update article on Table Heath out of Traverse City, Michigan. Table Health was founded by retired, married physicians Jill (pictured above) and Rob Butryn along with Christa Kiessell.

Dr. Jill Butryn says young physicians are looking for this kind of healthcare model, but can’t always afford to start their own practices in order to bring it to fruition. Jill Butryn and her husband – both retired physicians, both Traverse City natives and both fed up with what they see as major weaknesses in the industry to which they’d dedicated their careers – decided to do their part in supporting the cause by opening a DPC practice in their hometown.

They were fortunate to find two wonderful physicians, Dr. Andrea Stoecker and Dr. Jennifer Lyon, to practice at Table Health. In addition to the functional medicine approach that these two doctors bring to the practice, Table Health also has on staff a dietitian/massage therapist and a occupational/Feldenkrais therapist.

Table Health touts itself as “a direct primary care and functional medicine practice helping you transform your health through transparency, authenticity and value for the individual, family and company.”

The practice opened in 2018 in Traverse City, a relatively rural area in Michigan, in 2018 and has grown steadily since then. You can read a previous article on Table Health featuring Dr. Andrea Stoecker in a DPC News post from 2-15-21.

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