Tue. Apr 20th, 2021

Edmond Business, an online business magazine, reports that family doctors in Oklahoma, reflecting a national trend, are increasingly leaving the traditional, pay-per-visit model to establish direct primary care practices.

Dr. Jeff Davenport of One Focus Medical in Edmond, Oklahoma is the OG of direct primary care in Oklahoma. It has been seven years since Jeff became the first doctor in the state to start a direct primary care practice in the state.

“It’s better for the patient because they have access to the doctor pretty much all hours.”

“It’s a win, win, win for everybody,” said Davenport.

Dr. Steven King also joined the direct primary movement when he opened his practice, Simple Primary Care Solutions also in Edmond three years ago.

He explained that in the traditional model too much of the determination for care seems to lie with the insurance companies instead of the doctor and the patient.

“(Direct primary care) is a what I would call a more pure model and then there’s more collaboration between the physician and the patient.”

Dr. Krista Schwarz, also left her practice about three years ago and joined , Primary Health Partners, after practicing medicine in the traditional model for twelve years. After three years of practicing in the direct primary care model, she believes she can provide better care to her patients.

“I really do feel like I have more time to spend with patients to really treat the problem versus, you know, ‘Hello! What’s your problem? Here’s your prescription. Check back with me in three months,’ or things like that,” she said .

Oklahoma certainly is great example of the growth of Direct Primary Care that is happening across the country.

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