Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

Here is an article we found from The Gainesville Sun. They have a “help” column where an HR consultant responds.

Here was the question:

I’ve read your last few columns about readers who want to retire much sooner than planned. Well, count me in. I’m fairly sure I have enough savings to pay for all my expenses, with one notable exception: Healthcare. I’m 58 and I plan to work until I’m 65, not because I need the money, but because I need the health insurance. What do people who retire early do about health insurance? What options are there?

The columnist, Eva Del Rio, goes on to say:

So, the Financial Independence (FI) community has given this a lot of thought and here are some of the ideas they offer:

Direct Primary Care – This was new to me, but it seems popular with the FI crowd, especially the younger ones. It’s a subscription model like Netflix, you pay a monthly amount “about the amount of your cell phone bill,” according to the website, and you have unlimited access to a primary care physician.

At least DPC got a shout out but how is this new to her? Maybe because she does HR? Not long ago I tried to work with a company to get them to use our DPC office with their higher deductible self-funded plan. This would have saved them tons of money and got them better care. The CEO was a patient of mine and loved us. His HR person, however, could not comprehend what we did no matter how much we educated her. She thought it was too good to be true. Long story short, we never get the company to sign on.

We need to get our information out there! DPC is not the solution to our broken healthcare system but it is a major part of it. Maybe we need to present at the next large Human Resources conference?

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