Fri. Jun 18th, 2021
(video can be played on WINK website)

This article came out of Naples, Florida. An orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Michael Havig, has created HealthMeDocs so that patients can search for the price of their care. Yes! The free market works. That’s why Keith Smith, MD has made the Surgery Center of Oklahoma.

The video shows that Dr. Havig is passionate about this project and fed up with the system.

“Why don’t we create a reasonable price for people and let them shop for their care”.

The article does mention DPC docs:

And more and more direct primary care practices are popping up, which allow people to pay a flat rate for unlimited access to basic primary care and prescriptions.

I tested the site and it does not work for my state. And it only has orthopedic doctors. It’s obviously in its early stages but we hope Dr. Havig gets this down so that more patients can save money and get the great care they need.

(Editor’s Note: At the time of this writing DPC News has not contacted nor received any advertising compensation from this company. We always reserve the future right to do so if we feel it benefits DPC doctors).

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