Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

The following was sent to us from Adam Wheeler MD MBA: 

Many of our patients use GoodRx and other discount Rx cards. These cards provide an invaluable service to our practice, and our patients. They help our patients save money on prescriptions, and they provide clear pricing to us and our patients. And we all know price transparency is an essential element to quality healthcare.

However, I noticed last year that some of the leaders in discount Rx cards started to offer telemedicine services from subsidiary companies and through strategic partnerships. For me and my Big Tree Medical practice, this gets a little too close for comfort. Now telling my patients about GoodRx is telling them about a competitor, which is less than optimal.  

We found a great solution. We recently partnered with 5C Innovations ( to use their ScriptClip discount Rx app. ScriptClip puts our branding on the app once the patient selects our practice as their “group.” The patients see the app as another benefit of their DPC membership. I find that their prices are about 20% cheaper than GoodRx about 80% of the time. Oh, and it is free for my practice, ScriptClip just takes a little cut of the pharmacy price. I simply emailed the company and within a few days I had my own custom discount pharmacy program.

Thanks, Dr. Wheeler, for the tip.

What do you guys think of this?

(We have no affiliation with ScriptClip at this time).

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