Wed. Aug 4th, 2021

Paper City of Houston, Texas recently announced the opening of Southampton Medical and Wellness in Rice Village of Houston. Southampton is taking a unique approach of combining Direct Primary Care with Functional Medicine in one office. Dr. Mike Mann focuses on Direct Primary Care and Dr. Sara Reader practices Functional Medicine. They are both board-certified emergency room physicians with more than 20 years of combined experience. At Southampton Medical and Wellness, patients may choose to see Dr. Mann or Dr. Reader or both.

They have seen many patients in the Emergency Room for issues that result from poor or neglected health and sometimes misguided behaviors.  They believe it is important for patients to have a comprehensive primary care and functional approach to problem solving to avoid unnecessary visits to the Emergency Room, and they work with a network of specialist providers with the goal of providing completely personalized health and wellness plans.

Doctors Mann and Reader describe their practice model as “evidence-based while embracing innovation. “Our personality is that of an old school community doc, but we have the vision to look forward to what is best to come for our patients” stands out as one of the doctors’ overriding guiding principles.

It is interesting to see the many different types of Direct Primary Care offices that are opening across the country. Southampton is a great example of seeing how both direct primary care and functional medicine can work together successfully in one combined practice.

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