Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

Congratulations to Dr. Natasha Diaz at Roots Health DPC in Illinois. You can see her website here. One of the keys to get patients interested in joining your practice is having a local paper write an article about you and here it is!

Here are some highlights of the great quotes Dr. Diaz gave:

“They didn’t take the oath I took when I became a physician,” she said. “They are trained to care about profit most of all. But in medicine, profit can’t come before patient care.”

She opened her practice in August, and it felt, she said, like “coming full circle.” She’d gone into medical school wanting to fix a broken system. She worked in that system for years, and finally was ready to open a practice based on a model she believes in.

“My individual actions can make a difference in people’s lives,” she said. “It feels like this is my purpose.”

And when it comes to making change, she said, “Let it begin with me.”

We love it! Good luck, Dr. Diaz. Oh, and we love the “Consumer Guide to Primary Care” pop-up you are using. We are proud to share that with the DPC community.

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