Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

The Post and Courier recently wrote an article about Neighbors Med. Neighbors Med was started by Brian Reinhardt, MD and Martin Smith, MD and guess what? Brian and Martin have actually been neighbors since 2013. They intentionally moved their families onto the same street. “Their goal was to live, work and play together.” At Neighbors MD, Brian and Martin state that:

We long to build genuine relationships with our patients by treating them not as an account number, but each as a uniquely created person. At Neighbors, barriers that have been created between patient and doctor in the medical system have been cast aside. You have unparalleled access to your doctors. We provide excellent medicine at affordable price—an exceptional value. Finally, we want to serve our community at large, and you specifically…our neighbors.

Working with Dr. Reinhardt and Dr. Smith is Sarah Christopher RN, MHA. She combines her education in administration and passion for nursing at Neighbor’s Med. Also working as a member of the Neighbors MD Team is Anna Gozalez. She works as a Spanish interpreter and as a liaison to the local Hispanic community.

At Neighbors Med we are going back to the future! Using a direct primary care model, we believe we can offer modern medicine with traditional care.

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