Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

K5 News reported that Dr. Margaret Towolawi has opened not one, but two, two direct primary care clinics in Shoreline, Washington. After practicing medicine in the traditional healthcare system for over ten years, Dr. Towlawi decided it was time for a change at the end of 2020 when she opened both Nuture Well Center and Skin Stat MD.

Dr. Towolawi founded Nurture Well Center as a space for patients to feel truly nurtured while achieving their wellness goals. She believes in: 1) keeping healthy people healthy and  2) helping those who are sick get back to their optimal health. Nurture Well Center focuses on shifting your mindset away from disease and towards wellness. We aim to MAXIMIZE your health while minimizing your medication list. No more wondering about next steps. We offer quarterly check-ins to keep YOU engaged along your wellness journey. Our customized plans integrate traditional and non traditional evidence based practices. Nurture Well Center integrates lifestyle changes into every treatment plan as defined by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM)

Dr. Towolawi created SkinStatMD after experiencing her personal frustrations seeking dermatology care in the Seattle area. She often had to wait weeks to be seen and was misdiagnosed at times. She felt that access to medical advice relevant to deeper skin tones was limited in the Pacific Northwest. As a result, she created a platform centered on the dermatology needs of Black patients. Dr. Towolawi prefers a multi-targeted approach to your skin,hair and wellness concerns. She focuses on how lifestyle habits can affect your general health and pushes prevention -instead of pills – as the first step. All initial teledermatology and coaching visits are one hour. She wants to spend time getting to know YOU and all of the factors that play into your health. She truly wants you to glow from the INSIDE OUT !

Congratulations to Dr. Towolawi for having the courage to open two direct primary care practices at the same time and for being the first Black-owned direct primary care practices in Washington.

12640cookie-checkFirst Black-Owned Direct Primary Care Clinics Open in Washington State

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