Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

The Telluride Daily Planet announced the opening of Telluride Whole Health in Colorado. Before starting Telluride Whole Heath, Dr. Heather Linder previously worked at the Telluride and Uncompahgre Medical Centers.

“Many patients are asking me why I transitioned to direct primary care,” Dr. Linder said. “I enjoy spending more time with patients and doing what is right for the patient, rather than having insurance companies dictate care.”

She continued, “I am also trying to bring transparency back into medicine by providing medications and labs at cost.

Dr. Linder also said the DPC allows undocumented immigrants, who are not allowed to access Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act Marketplace, to access quality healthcare. She has already signed up patients from the immigrant community and has even be given support from the Tri-County Health Agency.

“I can book an interpreter through them. They have also been helping me link my undocumented patients to services.”

Dr. Linder is passionate about underserved medicine and has worked in inner-city Seattle as well as at the Northern Navajo Medical Center.  She is also passionate about global health and has enjoyed volunteering in East Africa, Nepal, and Honduras. 

DPC News loves to report on how DPC practices serve the unique needs of their communities.

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